Agenda Issues
Trade Committee
i. The question of increasing intra-trade in Africa in view of economic growth and infrastructural development
ii. Measures to encourage foreign direct investment to West Africa
iii. Reviewing inward investment from the European Union to West Africa
iv. Measures to encourage and boost trade in the West African region following the Ebola pandemic

Security Commission
i. Measures to counter terrorist groups such as Boko Haram
ii. The question of preventing the formation of potential future terrorist groups
iii. Combating the recruitment and use of child soldiers in conflicts
iv. Measures to rapidly and effectively increase and improve security in areas of conflict

Health, Society and Development Committee
i. Promoting women’s education with an emphasis on literacy
ii. Measures to reconstruct affected areas after a pandemic such as Ebola
iii. Measures to improve workplace health and safety regulations
iv. The question of organizing and financing major sports events in view of socio-economic growth



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